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SQL with Powershell

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This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of using PowerShell to manage your SQL Servers, as well as develop on them. In Module 1, we cover basic DBA tasks using just PowerShell. With Module 2, we provide an introduction to the two main tools for working with SQL Server, the SMO, or SQL Management Objects, and the SQL Server Provider. Module 3 will cover basic DBA tasks using both SMO and the SQL Provider. With Module 4 we switch to Developer mode and cover development using the SQL Provider. Module 5 continues the developer theme, this time using the SQL Management Objects. We finally wrap things up with Module 6, in which we go over a real world example of using PowerShell and SQL Server. We also cover the SQL PS mode of PowerShell, as well as how to make effective use of PowerShell from a SQL Server job.


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