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Windows Powershell

Windows PowerShell is the best tool available for Windows Server Administration. This has become almost the necessity for a System Administrator, as nowdays all organization want a System administrator with little scripting knowledge.


Windows PowerShell Training is the most demanding training in system administration. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no prior experience with Windows PowerShell is needed. Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of using Windows PowerShell for your administrative needs.

This course is designed by experienced professionals, who have huge industry experience. Our Instructors are working/worked in Windows PowerShell and related technologies for many years in MNC’s.

We are well aware of industry needs and we are offering Windows PowerShell Training more practical way along with below options.

  1. Self Paced Learniing
  2. Blended Learning (With Trainer)
  3. Corporate Training

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Course OutlineFREE 00:15:00
Audience profileFREE 00:00:00
Basics of Windows Powershell
Overview of PowershellFREE 00:15:00
PowerShell Vs Command Prompt (MSDOS) 00:10:00
Powershell Versions 00:30:00
Powershell Host Applications 00:00:00
Customizing Console 00:30:00
Customizing ISE 00:35:00
Alias in Powershell 00:30:00
Help and Commands in Powershell
Powershell Help 00:35:00
Help Continues… 00:35:00
Before we begin 00:00:00
Shortening the commands 00:30:00
Demonstration: Using Show-Command 00:30:00
WhatIf and Confirm 00:30:00
Pipeline in Powershell
What is Pipleline 00:35:00
Discovering Object Members 00:35:00
Sorting 00:35:00
Measuring 00:30:00
Selecting 00:25:00
Hash Table in Powershell 00:35:00
Value Binding by property Name 00:30:00
PS Providers and PS Drives
Introduction to PS Providers and PSDrives 00:30:00
Continue… 00:30:00
Formatting Output
Formatting output in Powershell 00:40:00
Continues… 01:00:00
WMI and CIM and PWA in Powershell
WMI & CIM 00:40:00
PWA 00:30:00
Preparing for Scripting
Using Variables to Store Objects 00:30:00
Variable Continues 00:00:00
Before you we move next 00:35:00
Writing Scripts
Writing your first Script 01:00:00
Powershell Scripts FAQ 00:30:00
Remote Computer Management
Remote Management 00:40:00
More about Remote Computers 01:00:00
Functions and Modules in Powershell
Functions in Powershell 01:00:00
Functions Explained again 01:00:00
Module with Example 00:30:00
Revision & Practice
Combine Everything 00:30:00
Questions 24 hours
Background Jobs
Long running Scripts or Backgroud jobs 00:45:00
More on Background Jobs 01:00:00
Poweshell Profiles
Profiles 01:00:00
Tips and Tricks
Powershell Tips and Tricks 01:00:00
Powershell Function with Modules 01:00:00

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