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Best Practices For Using Windows Powershell

Module 1: Best way to learn windows powershell

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Microsoft Windows Powershell

This module introduces students to Windows PowerShell, its purpose and history.
The module will also cover the basics of using the shell, including the help system,
command syntax, command discovery explaining the use of the two built-in host applications.
Overview and Background
Finding and Learning Commands
Running Commands

Module 2:learn windows powershell Working with the Pipeline

This module covers the Windows PowerShell pipeline along with a number of additional techniques and commands,
including customizing command output, exporting and converting data, sorting objects, filtering objects,
and enumerating objects allowing for the overall retrieval, manipulation and displaying of data.
Understanding the Pipeline,Truebodh Provide Free Online Software Development Courses.
Selecting, Sorting, and Measuring Objects
Converting, Exporting, and Importing Objects
Filtering Objects Out of the Pipeline
Enumerating Objects in the Pipeline

Module 3: Understanding How the Pipeline Works

This module explains the underlying details of how
Windows PowerShell passes objects from command to command within the pipeline.
Having seen it in action in the previous module will now get to see some of the theory under the hood.
The emphasis will be on two specific techniques used by the shell and students will learn to explain the pipeline operation,
predict command behavior and allows them construct more useful, predictable commands.
Passing Data in the Pipeline By Value
Passing Data in the Pipeline By Property Name

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Windows PowerShell

Module 4: Tutorial windows powershell Using PSProviders and PSDrives

This module explains the purpose and use of Windows PowerShell PSProviders and PSDrives,
and shows students how to use these useful components for administrative tasks.
Students will also learn Online Software Development Courses to use the -item* commands to manipulate items within a PSDrive.
Using PSProviders
Using PSDrives

Module 5: Formatting Output

This module demonstrates how to format command output and how to create custom output elements.
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Using Basic Formatting
Using Advanced Formatting
Redirecting Formatted Output

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Learn Windows Powershell
Module 6: Using Profiles and Advanced PowerShell Techniques

This module covers a variety of additional advanced Windows PowerShell features
and techniques including additional comparison operators, use of alternate credentials,
creation of profile scripts, manipulation of strings and date objects.
Using Advanced PowerShell Techniques
Creating Profile Scripts
Working With Alternative Credentials

April 28, 2020

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